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Monthly Archives: October 2019

  1. Solar Panel Orientation: Why Is It Important?

    What is Solar Panel Orientation?

    The efficiency of your solar storage system depends on a crucial but easily overlooked factor that can drastically affect how much energy is absorbed into solar storage and how effectively your solar power storage fuels your home. This factor is called orientation, or the placement, direction, and angle of your solar panels. Keep reading to find out more about why orientation is the most important consideration when placing your panels.

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  2. Tips for Choosing the Right Size Solar Inverter

    Besides the solar panels and the sun, the solar inverter is arguably the most important part of your solar array. To understand this, we’ll explain the basic principles that allow you to gather solar energy to power your home. Then, we’ll explain the factors you must consider determining the right size power inverter, whether it’s a Fronius grid tie solar inverter or another trusted solar brand.

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  3. Solar Power: A Timeless History

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