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Monthly Archives: October 2021

  1. String vs Micro-Inverters: Which Is the Right Choice?

    The solar inverter is a central piece of equipment for your solar power system. Because your home can’t use the DC power that your solar panels produce, you’ll rely on your SMA inverter just as much as you’ll rely on the panels themselves. That inverter converts the DC power to AC that your home can use, so it’s essential to choose an inverter right for your system. But how do you choose between 2 of the most popular options: string inverters and micro-inverters? Keep reading to learn more about these types of inverters.

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  2. How Does Solar Power Work: Off-Grid, On-Grid, and Hybrid Systems?

    With solar power systems becoming a common sight in most neighborhoods, more and more people are curious about how it all works. How do those panels on your neighbor’s roof provide electricity? What are other types of equipment required to make it work? How do different types of solar power systems differ? Keep reading to get a basic introduction to solar equipment, like the Sol-Ark Hybrid Inverter, and learn to answer all these questions.

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