If you’re a home or business owner who uses solar panels to generate electricity, the benefits that come with solar power are no mystery to you. You save money by generating your own electricity and have the potential to see your savings increase when you generate more electricity than you need. Furthermore, you’re helping to move the world towards a renewable energy future which is necessary if we’re going to combat the effects of climate change. Most people, however, aren’t getting the full benefits that their solar systems provide because they’re not using solar batteries to store excess power. If the notion of a solar battery is new to you, here are a few things you should know.

Solar inverter on side of house

Solar Energy Systems

To better gain an understanding of how solar batteries work, it’s worth noting how traditional solar systems operate. Typically, a home or business that’s using solar power is equipped with solar panels, a solar inverter, and a monitoring system that tracks the electricity that’s being produced. As the sun shines onto the panels, the energy is passed through the inverter so that it can be used for your home. If you generate more electricity than you can use, that energy is sent back into the city grid in exchange for credits which you can use to save on your electricity bill.

What Are Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries operate in much the same fashion as regular batteries. Sometimes with the assistance of their own inverter, they’re able to store excess energy so you can keep it at your home or business and not have to send it back to the grid. This enables you to use that energy at night or at any time when the sun isn’t shining. Potentially, if you’re producing enough solar energy, you might be able to take your home or business off the grid altogether, thereby realizing the dream of a fully green and energy self-sufficient existence.

Benefits of Using Solar Batteries

Solar batteries ensure that none of the power being generated by your solar panels is wasted. The more that people, companies, and municipalities rely on solar batteries, the less they’ll have to use energy that emits greenhouse gases. In this sense, solar batteries are crucial to combating climate change. As a home or business owner, solar batteries enable you to store your own solar power for use whenever you need it. Not only does this decrease your reliance on the city’s grid, but it keeps excess power on hand that you can use during power outages. If your solar battery has enough capacity, you can have a hybrid solar system (where the grid is still available for backup), or even an off-grid solar system so that you’re completely self-reliant.

Solar panels on house

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