If you’re building an off-grid solar system, you need it to be not only incredibly reliable but efficient as well. You need to build in backup power options and ensure every piece of equipment can meet your power needs. Many off-grid solar users turn to OutBack Power to get the reliable equipment they need for their systems. But what does a typical off-grid system look like with this equipment? Let’s take a closer look.


Your Renewable Energy Source

Any off-grid system begins with your renewable energy source. For most homes today, solar is the way to go. It’s more affordable than ever, incredibly reliable, and there’s a massive market for it, so it’s easy to find the parts and support you need. OutBack Power does not produce solar panels themselves.

However, the other pieces of solar equipment they produce can work with any solar panel brand. If you decide to go with a different renewable energy source like wind power or geothermal energy, their equipment can work with these power sources as well.

outback power inverter

The Charge Controller

The power produced by your system should then be funneled through a charge controller. OutBack produced many different chare controllers, with their FLEXmax line being the most popular. The charge controller ensures that the batteries are not overloaded by large amounts of power coming from your energy source at once. Without it, there would be times where your battery bank is effectively trying to drink from a fire hose, and that much energy surging into it at once can damage your batteries.


Your Battery Bank

Next up is your battery bank, which stores any excess energy produced for later use. While optional for on-grid systems, a battery bank is absolutely essential to off-grid solar setups. Without a battery bank, you would only have energy when your renewable energy source is actively producing.


The Inverter

The inverter is the backbone of any solar system. It’s responsible for taking the DC energy your solar panels (or other energy sources) produce and turning it into AC power your home can use. Of course, it can also pull DC power from the batteries when needed and convert that energy for your home’s use. OutBack has many different types of inverters, so finding one that meets your needs and size requirements is easy.


Your Panel and Your Home

Once the inverter converts the power to AC energy, it’s passed through your main electrical panel and onto any electrical loads you have in your home. Everything can be powered through this system, from your lights to your TV, refrigerator, and computer.


The Backup Generator

Many off-grid solar users want more than just a battery backup for their system, so they also utilize a generator. OutBack does not build generators, but many of their inverters are built to accommodate a generator when you need one. Simply connect your generator directly to your inverter, and it will use this power source just like the power from your batteries, solar panels, or other energy sources.


Now that you know what an off-grid system looks like contact The PowerStore, Inc., to get started building your own. We carry solar equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry, including OutBack solar solutions. Give us a call today.