The majority of new solar projects are being added to grid-tied residential homes. So, if your home has solar power and is backed up by the city grid, do you really need battery storage too? While solar batteries may not be essential to your system’s operation, they can still offer many benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Greater Energy Independence – If you don’t have battery backup, you’re still relying on the grid every night and every time the sun is obscured by clouds. Adding batteries allows you to use more of the solar power you generate, so you can be more independent from the grid and cut down on your power bill even more.
  2. Peak Shaving – Speaking of further reducing your power bill, batteries also help you take advantage of “peak shaving.” This technique involves switching between solar, battery, and grid power, so you only use the grid when the power is cheapest.
  3. More Reliable Energy – Did you know that your power will shut off in a blackout, even if it happens during the day? This is to protect electrical workers while they’re working to repair the problem. However, if you have battery backup, your system can disconnect from the grid and continue running while everyone else is without power.
  4. Get More from Your System – While many cities offer net metering to solar users, others don’t provide it or will put a cap on the number of units you can feed back into the grid. For solar systems in these areas, the excess energy you produce during the day simply goes to waste. Batteries let you get the most from your system’s energy production.
  5. Plan for the Future – A hybrid solar power system allows you to adapt and grow your solar setup in the future, should circumstances change. For example, if you decide to go off-grid in a few years, you already have the equipment to make that happen.


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