Here are 3 reasons why solar battery systems from Victron Energy are products to watch:

  • - Popularity: Battery inverters for off-grid installation are popular in areas such as Europe and Africa, where this technology has most of its global presence. However, in small/mid off-grid markets in the United States, Australia, and Germany, Victron Energy’s solar battery systems are gaining traction.
  • - Compatibility: These systems are compatible with a variety of lithium and lead-acid battery systems. For example, MPPT solar charge controllers have near-universal compatibility with nearly any battery on the market.
  • - Remote monitoring: It’s important that solar installers and end users have the ability to monitor and control any solar battery system remotely. Victron Energy’s VRM cloud portal and color control (CCGX) display give users complete control over their inverters, battery monitors, charge controllers, and more.

Victron Energy’s Solar Battery System