Solar power has experienced an enormous growth in popularity over the last decade. And with that popularity, new applications for solar power continue to grow. Recently, solar power has extended into the area of sports and recreation, with many people installing solar panels on their RVs and even their boats. If you’re interested in using solar power on your boat, keep reading to learn more about Samlex marine solar power and the benefits of installing it on your boat.

Solar Pannels on Your Boat

How It Works

First, let’s talk about how solar power works on your boat. Adding solar panels to your sailboat or powerboat can provide energy to both the appliances you keep on the boat and the boat’s batteries. The panels create an electrical current from the sun’s rays, pass it through the charge controller, and provide energy to keep the batteries charged when you’re not plugged into shore power.

The power can also be passed through a Samlex solar power inverter, which changes the DC power from your panels and/or battery into AC power, which can be used to run the appliances you keep on board. From refrigerators and wine coolers to computers and TVs, you can power all of these with AC power from your solar panels.


How Many Panels Do You Need?

But just how many solar panels do you need to power a boat? That largely depends on what you want to use the panels for. If you wish to trickle charge your boat’s battery while you’re offshore to ensure you don’t get stranded, a panel or two will usually do the job. If you want to power your appliances, you need to do a bit of math.

Open up a spreadsheet and make a complete list of every device on your boat—fridge, lights, computers, etc. Then, check the power badge on each appliance that shows you the appliance’s power requirements. Then, multiply each by how many hours per day that device is running. This should give you your average energy requirements. You should add at least 10% to this to account for any errors or extra usage you might have. This will tell you how much power you’ll need from your solar panels, and you can compare this to the output of the panels you’re looking at to determine how many you’ll need.


Benefits of Adding Solar Power

Why would you want to add solar power to your boat in the first place? Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Run your electronics while anchored offshore without fear of being stranded by a dead battery.
  • Charge your batteries safely without monitoring your boat, as you do with a generator.
  • Reduce fuel costs since you don’t have to keep the motor running to keep the battery charged or to run the appliances.
  • Enjoy silent energy production and enjoy the sounds of the waves instead of listening to a noisy generator.

Whether you have a sailboat or a powerboat, adding solar power is a great way to make your boating experiences more enjoyable while reducing your overhead fuel costs and protecting the environment. Contact The PowerStore, Inc., today or purchase the panels and Samlex solar power inverter you need from our catalog of wholesale solar equipment.