Have you outfitted your home with solar panels yet? If so, then you're enjoying the benefits that you can only achieve with power captured from the sun. Solar power allows you to save money on your monthly energy bills while doing your part to cut back on fossil fuels. If your solar panels are attached to your city's electrical power grid, it's important that you have the right grid-tie inverter. This can be difficult because grid-tie inverters usually have to remain outdoors where they're exposed to the elements while still generating thousands of watts of energy per hour for hours at a time. Among the most popular grid-tied solar inverters is the inverter manufactured by the Austrian company Fronius. Here are some things you should about these high-end inverters.

Fronius Grid-Tie Inverters

The Benefits of a Grid-Tied System

When installing your solar system, you'll need to decide on whether or not you wish to remain tied to the grid. While the independence achieved by leaving the grid entirely and relying on a standalone system, including a solar battery, is appealing, there are some disadvantages. The extra equipment required means extra maintenance. Furthermore, when energy is stored in batteries, it needs to be converted to chemical energy. This results in significant wasted energy. The municipal grid, however, acts as your own backup battery, except the energy never has to be converted to chemical energy. With less energy lost in the transfer to the grid than a battery, you'll save more money on your energy bill thanks to net metering.


Superior Net Metering

When you're taking advantage of your grid-tie system's ability to send extra energy back to the grid (thereby saving you money), it helps to know the impact it's having on the environment as well as your finances. The Fronius grid-tie solar inverter makes it easy to be aware of your solar system's productivity at all times thanks to its Wi-Fi monitoring system, Fronius.Solar.Web. A user-friendly smart meter, Fronius.Solar.Web monitors your solar panels' energy production as well as your home's consumption at all hours of the day. It includes updated graphics detailing the amount of energy the Fronius is sending to the grid and its correlating effects, such as CO2 production and money earned. There's even a mobile app you can install on your iPhone or Android.


Excellent Reliability

Fronius has a well-earned reputation as among the most reliable and high performing inverters in the industry. This is largely due to its active cooling system. Installed in all its snap-in inverters as well as the new Fronius GEN24 hybrid inverters, the active cooling system removes heat at a faster rate than ever before. Not only does this reduce stress on the inverter, but it improves output—especially on hot days. Inverters are vulnerable to shutdowns and overheating, but the active cooling system protects the Fronius grid-tie inverter from suffering the effects of even extreme heat.

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