Choosing the right equipment is essential in designing a solar-powered system for your home. But it could be considered even more vital when your home is off the grid. Off-grid systems don’t have the backup source of power that grid-tied homes have, should they happen to choose inefficient equipment or purchase insufficient panels or batteries to meet their needs. If you’re designing an off-grid solar system, Victron Energy is one of the most popular solar equipment brands out there; this article will give you a closer look at their equipment so you can choose the best model for you.

Victron Energy BluSolar Charge ControllerCharge Controllers

Solar charge controllers aren’t always essential in grid-tied systems, but they help off-grid systems direct power to those oh-so-important batteries that will keep your home running when there’s no sunshine. In terms of charge controllers, Victron has two primary models: the BlueSolar MPPT and the BlueSolar PWM. The PWM offers good value but is only really useful for minimal systems with only a few panels. If you’re powering an entire home, odds are you’ll need something a bit heftier. The MPPT offers high performance and a wide operating voltage for most systems.



If you have chosen to have a charge controller separate from your inverter, the Phoenix inverter is the best option. This pairs well with either of the charge controllers mentioned above.

However, off-grid solar inverters can also have charge controllers built-in so that they perform both functions. There are three excellent options for this from Victron:

  • The Victron MultiPlus inverter/charger has an AC input where you can attach a diesel generator for backup energy.
  • The Victron Quattro has a second AC input; this is usually most useful for connecting to the grid, so it’s not something most off-grid builders are concerned about having.
  • The Victron EcoMulti has a lithium charger and battery already built-in.

Any of these will work well for an off-grid system. Just make sure that the inverter (or inverter/charger) you choose is rated to handle your peak load needs.



The primary debate with batteries is usually between lead-acid, AGM, and lithium batteries. Victron has options in all these categories. Lead-acid batteries are cheaper and proven reliable but have shorter lifespans and lower efficiency. AGM are the most popular, as they’re maintenance-free and have a longer lifespan. Lithium batteries are growing in popularity; though more expensive, their high efficiency and long life expectancy outpace their competitors.

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