When most homeowners install solar systems for the first time, the only component they're aware of is the panels. The fact is, solar panels can’t provide power to your home without the solar inverter. The solar inverter is the brains of the outfit, taking the direct current (DC) generated by the panels, and converting into the alternate current (AC) required to run your home. It’s the vital role played by the solar inverter that makes choosing the right kind so important. Among solar inverters, no company is more respected than SMA, so here are some things you should consider before shopping for SMA solar inverters.

Solar Panel

The Three Major Types of Solar Inverters

The first thing you need to think about is how you’d like your solar system to connect to your city’s power grid. There are three different kinds of inverters with three different approaches: grid-tie, off-grid, and hybrid. The grid-tie inverter keeps you connected to the grid. This allows you to rely on the grid for backup power when necessary while enabling you to sell your excess power back to the city to save more money on your energy bill. Off-grid (or stand-alone) inverters remove you from the grid entirely, so excess power is stored in an onsite solar battery to be used whenever you need it. Finally, hybrid inverters can be used as either an off-grid inverter with battery storage or a grid-tie inverter if you prefer to sell power to the grid.


Compare the Efficiency

You’ll want to get as much efficiency out of your inverter as possible. Power is lost when the solar energy is transferred from the panels and converted to AC, so the quality of the inverter plays a direct role in how much power you can draw from your panels. While you’ll never reach 100% efficiency, the closer you can get, the better your solar panels will perform. If you’re considering an SMA inverter, then you're in luck. SMA is currently the most energy-efficient brand on the market.


Make Sure It’s Tough

Solar inverters go through a lot of stress. They’re usually placed in outdoor environments, and — depending on where you live — they’ll have to withstand years of heat, cold, and moisture, so make sure the one you choose is durable enough to withstand whatever weather awaits. Also, high temperatures result in higher system voltage and could damage your inverter, while extreme cold could cause your inverter to cease working entirely. Check a potential inverter’s voltage specifications, so you know it’ll be able to handle the temperatures in your part of the country. Some inverters come with their own cooling system. This can make all the difference if you have to keep it outside and you live in the southwest.


Do Your Research

Solar systems are like any other consumer product, subject to countless reviews on the internet. Do your own research to see which brands seem like the best fit for your needs. A little browsing will show you what we already know: SMA is an industry leader in solar power technology.


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