Solar power as an industry has exploded over the last decade, moving from a novel power source that only a few could afford, to a widely recognized, affordable, sustainable power solution for the average homeowner. And the solar market continues to grow as a whole, but now, a great deal of that boom is focused on a specific segment of sustainable power—energy storage. Solar power storage solutions like solar batteries are in high demand. Keep reading to learn more about how quickly energy storage options like Simpliphi lithium batteries are growing and a few factors fueling that growth.


How Fast Is It Growing?

First, it’s important to note that the growth of energy storage is intrinsically tied to the growth of the solar power market as a whole. While solar power can be used without storage, its success in both the residential and commercial marketplace determines the future success of energy storage like batteries. While other sustainable power solutions can be paired with storage, they’re far more likely to be paired with solar setups.


According to a May 2021 report from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, 34% of pending solar projects right now are paired with batteries. By contrast, only 6% of wind and natural gas projects have paired energy storage solutions. Due to statistics like these, it’s easy to see how solar power will be a driving force behind the growth of energy storage as a whole. And, likewise, the increased usability that solar batteries provide to solar power systems can help drive further adoption of solar energy.


The Impact of the Pandemic

Solar power and energy storage saw a surge during the COVID-19 pandemic. With most of the world confined to their homes, it’s easy to see why people would begin to express an interest in adopting solar power. Electric bills rise with the entire family stuck at home every day, which can be a large motivator in finding a more independent power solution. While many other industries struggles, residential solar thrived in the pandemic conditions, when people’s homes became their refuge and oasis.

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Commercial Solar Growth

Commercial solar has also surged, right along with residential applications. In fact, large-scale energy storage systems are showing the most growth, with more and much larger systems being installed around the country. In January, a 1,200-MWh energy storage facility went online at Moss Landing Power Plant in California to help enhance the reliability of the California grid, and more, even larger applications are already being planned.


More Accessible Storage Solutions

The purchasing of more energy storage isn’t the only factor driving the growth of this segment of solar power, though. Many solar providers are stepping into the energy storage arena, while other manufacturers are improving their storage solutions and integrating storage with other solar power equipment.


JinkoSolar recently released lithium batteries for large-scale applications. Those already producing solar batteries are dropping their prices while improving storage capacity. And some solar systems are having energy storage built right in, such as the LG RESU system (which can now supply 16 kWh of energy) and the Generac PWRcell system (which offers 18 kWh of backup power).


If you’re ready to get on board with the booming solar power and energy storage market, look for Simpliphi batteries for sale and begin building your own battery bank.