Sol-Ark’s lineup of proven reliable hybrid inverters is welcoming a new addition to the family: the SA-Limitless-15k. The solar power manufacturer introduced its latest inverter model at InterSolar 2022 in Long Beach, California. What should you know about the Sol-Ark Limitless-15k hybrid inverter? Keep reading to find out and decide if it’s the inverter you need for your solar power system.


Robust Power Capabilities

Sol-Ark is known for best-in-class technology and its steady advances in solar equipment that bring homeowners closer to achieving true energy independence. The SA-Limitless-15k is yet another step in that direction, offering users some incredibly powerful capabilities for a residential hybrid inverter. It boasts 15,000 watts of continuous AC power output, as well as impressive surge power capabilities of up to 24,000 watts for 10 seconds. It also has three onboard MPPT controllers and two 200-amp battery breakers for efficient and safe battery bank charging.


The SA-Limitless-15k also offers the same incredible versatility and scalability that Sol-Ark has become known for. It is scalable in both 120V/240V split-phase and 120V/208V 3-phase service voltages. These inverters can be stacked up to 12 units in parallel, making them capable of supporting even large commercial applications.

sol ark 15k hybrid inverters

Control and Resiliency

One notable new feature of this hybrid inverter is the addition of a 200A main switch. Most homes in America have a 200A main distribution panel. This panel is where a home’s electrical services enter. When combined with a solar power system, this switch allows homeowners to achieve greater levels of control and resiliency in their home’s power systems.


The SA-Limitless-15k also sports industry-standard communication protocols like OpenADR2.0. This communication protocol enables customers to participate directly in energy markets. Homeowners may be able to receive an active revenue stream as their robust solar power system provides valuable backup services to the city grid via utility companies and virtual power plant programs.


Achieving Energy Independence

With an inverter as powerful as Sol-Ark’s latest creation, true energy independence may be available for homeowners across the United States. Though most solar users appreciate the peace of mind that comes from remaining connected to the grid, the ability to power their homes without relying on grid-supplied energy is still the end goal for many. This is only achievable with hybrid inverters like the SA-Limitless-15k, which allows the addition of a solar battery bank.


Still, true energy independence can be difficult for modern homes, which rely on more energy each year. An inverter powerful enough to supply energy to a home and charge a sufficiently sized battery bank is not easy to find for homeowners that don’t want to reduce their average energy consumption significantly. With 15,000 watts of power, however, the SA-Limitless-15k could be exactly what homeowners need to live free of electrical bills and perhaps even provide excess power to the grid for credits against other utility bills.


Serviceable for Residential and Commercial

The Sol-Ark Limitless-15k is sure to be a popular introduction to the hybrid inverter market. As demand continues to grow for solar power systems in both the residential and commercial sectors, this inverter is perfectly poised to service both types of consumers. Moderate to large residential solar systems will be able to build sufficiently sized systems to meet their ongoing power needs, likely without the need for stacking additional inverters and increasing costs.


For their part, commercial solar power users will be able to build sizable solar power systems with fewer inverters than before. Sol-Ark continues to drive innovation in the solar market while driving down the overall cost of solar for consumers of all types.


Stability for the Future

Solar plus storage is the latest trend in solar power, and we don’t expect that to wane any time soon. The Limitless-15k is an excellent option to future-proof your solar power system and create a stable power source for your home for years to come. Hybrid inverters like these are already in high demand, and the increased power offered by this model is sure to appeal to anyone designing a solar power system with long-term stability in mind.


Now Available for Preorders

The newest Sol-Ark inverter is now available for order in our online store here at The PowerStore, Inc. If you decide that the power and versatility of the SA-Limitless-15k are right for you, we encourage you to order as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that these brand-new inverters have only just begun to ship, and supply may be limited. If you have questions regarding the availability of this inverter or would like to speak to a professional about how to determine if this is the inverter for you, please give us a call. Our solar power experts are happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.