The last year has brought a lot of challenges to families all around the country. From a pandemic that continues to impact our daily lives to extraordinary weather patterns of all kinds, it’s enough to make some people worry about how they can protect their families. Still, you probably didn’t think that solar power would be a way to protect your family. But many ways having solar power and a backup Sol-Ark lithium battery can help those you love in difficult times. Keep reading to learn more.


Reducing Power Costs in Lockdown

Many of us have spent a lot more time at home in the last year—and we mean a lot! Odds are, with everyone at home so much more, your power bills went up quite a bit in 2020. All that online schooling, working from home, and mindless Netflix binging to fill the time uses up quite a bit of energy. It can be a real drain on your family’s finances, especially with the cost of power climbing every year.


sol-ark lithium battery

While installing solar power does come with a significant upfront investment, it will reduce your dependence on the grid and cut down on your electricity bills every month. Even though we’re able to spend a bit more time out of the house nowadays, that monthly savings can protect your family’s finances over time.


Dependable in a Power Outage

We recently witnessed just how devastating power outages can be in the wake of the winter storm that rocked Texas and other South areas. With many people going without power for days at a time, Texans lost their lives due to freezing temperatures or desperate attempts to stay warm. When disasters like this occur, having solar power with a backup energy source can quite literally be a lifesaver.


Though grid-tied power systems do get shut off when the grid goes down, you can keep essential systems on if you have a battery backup until the power returns. Even with just a few hours of power stored in your batteries, you can keep your family warmer, preserve the food in your fridge and freezer, and protect those you love through difficult times.



Backup Power Sources

It’s important to be aware that multiple power sources are available as a backup for your solar setup. The most popular option, as described above, is a solar battery. You can build battery banks of many different sizes to meet your needs. The larger your battery bank, the longer you’ll be able to power your home during an outage. However, generators can also be hooked up to your solar power system if needed. It allows you to use a different fuel source to power your home, including diesel fuel, propane, and others.


Whichever backup energy source you choose, make sure that you select a hybrid Sol-Ark inverter. Without a hybrid inverter, you won’t be able to hook up your backup power source at all. Be sure to check out our array of hybrid inverters and solar batteries to help keep your family safe in an emergency.