Simpliphi Batteries: Everything to Know

As the solar storage sector of the solar power industry has blossomed over the last several years, SimpliPhi has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of solar storage solutions. SimpliPhi solar batteries are exceptional products that offer an impressive depth of discharge, high efficiency, and a competitive warranty in the industry. If you’re considering adding batteries to your solar power system, SimpliPhi is an excellent choice. Here’s what you need to know about this particular brand and the solar storage solutions that they offer.

About SimpliPhi Power

SimpliPhi Power (better known as just SimpliPhi) is a leading lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturer. The US-based company was founded by Stuart Lennox, who was previously a designer in the TV and film industry. They specialize in developing batteries and generators and don’t provide other types of equipment for solar power systems. These connections helped SimpliPhi get its start when the company was first founded in 2002; their early endeavors included powering the lighted suits in Tron Legacy and the 3D moon in the background of the Conan set. 

In 2010, Lennox partnered with Catherine Von Burg to create the Optimized Energy Storage (OES) product line, and they rebranded the company from its original name, LibertyPak, to SimpliPhi. This name is now known around the world. The business is internationally recognized and offers several lines of lithium-based power storage solutions.

Few lithium-ion battery manufacturers have received the same level of recognition for their products as SimpliPhi. Solar Power World awarded the company with honors for “Top Solar Storage Products” for both small- and large-scale applications, recognizing the brand for its extremely high-quality, reliable products.

About SimpliPhi’s Batteries

SimpliPhi is best known for its high-quality batteries, which are largely used as a solar storage solution for solar power users. SimpliPhi’s batteries use a lithium iron phosphate (also known as LiFePO4 or LFP) system, a specific type of lithium-ion technology. This chemical makeup provides users with a maintenance-free energy storage solution that is lighter, more space-conscious, and more efficient. LFP batteries also offer a higher discharge capacity, allowing you to use more energy stored in each battery. SimpliPhi’s LFP batteries can offer lightweight, compact installations for solar users of all types, from residential to commercial.

SimpliPhi also backs its batteries with an industry-leading warranty. Though the exact warranty will differ depending on the exact product you’re considering, most of their batteries are covered by a 10-year warranty at 90% capacity (up to 5,000 cycles) or a 10-year warranty at 80% (up to 10,000 cycles). These are their three most popular solar storage solutions:

  • PHI Core Power Batteries – The PHI lineup of batteries are ideal for storing energy in a 12V, 24V, or 48V solar power system. They are compatible with all industry-standard inverters and charge controllers and offer a sleek, lightweight, compact design that’s great for small storage spaces. They have an operating efficiency of 98%, which is exceptional in this industry. They can fully discharge their stored energy without damaging the system—another virtually unheard of in other batteries.

  • PHI High Output Batteries – This variety of the PHI battery brand can discharge at more than double the amperage of SimpliPhi’s other batteries, which makes it great for those that need a bit more power at any given moment. These batteries can provide immense power potential when combined with the right inverter.

  • AccESS All-in-One System – Though SimpliPhi doesn’t manufacture other solar power equipment, they have partnered with inverter manufacturers to develop the AccESS all-in-one power system. This system comes in a casing that includes your battery storage and an inverter from either Schneider or Sol-Ark for easy installation and usage in your solar setup.

All of these products offer the same high quality, durability, and reliability that many have come to expect of the SimpliPhi brand and can make an excellent addition to your solar power system. If you’re unsure which is right for you, contact The PowerStore, Inc., to get guidance from a solar expert.

About SimpliPhi’s Other Products

As we already mentioned, batteries are SimpliPhi’s specialty and don’t branch out much beyond that. However, they also provide another excellent source of backup power—the solar-powered generator. Their two key generator products are the Big Genny and the Little Genny. These portable sources of AC power are designed to bring you a lot of electricity in a small package. Whether you’re camping and need a power source or something to help recharge your batteries during a blackout, both generators can bring you power when you need it most. The emergency kits for these generators include foldable solar panels so that you can use them anywhere at any time.

Still have questions about Simpliphi LiFePH4 batteries, generators, or all-in-one systems? Contact The PowerStore, Inc., to learn more.