Adding a battery to your solar-powered system can significantly improve your system’s usability, allowing you to continue using stored solar power even when the sun isn’t shining. In terms of solar power battery storage, lithium batteries are usually the best option. They offer a longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries, require no maintenance, are more efficient, and allow for deeper discharges. But there are still many options available to you in this category. Two of the top contenders in lithium batteries are from Discover and SimpliPhi. Keep reading to get a fair comparison of these two brands.

SimpliPhi Battery Storage for Sale

Benefits of Discover Batteries

If you need a larger battery, Discover is what you need. They make a larger battery than SimpliPhi does, with their largest battery having a capacity of 6.6 kWh. It makes them better for large, off-grid systems, as you can build a large battery bank with fewer batteries.

Discover batteries are also easier to install than SimpliPhi batteries, which have very specific cabling requirements. SimpliPhi batteries require you to plug into a busbar, but Discover batteries can be wired together in parallel without worrying about wiring each battery to the busbar. If you’re planning to install your own battery bank, you might want to work with the simpler Discover batteries.

Finally, Discover batteries can charge and discharge faster because they can be connected, allowing them to communicate and synchronize their current. It gives them a higher output capacity to meet greater demand during peak usage times. Discover batteries can handle twice as much charge and discharge current than SimpliPhi batteries of the same size.


Benefits of SimpliPhi Batteries

SimpliPhi batteries are great for smaller systems, especially if you need a 12V battery; Discover doesn’t even make a battery in this small size. The SimpliPhi Battery in 24V storage capacity is also slightly cheaper per Wh than Discover’s 24V version. If you have a small cottage, cabin, or tiny home, SimpliPhi might offer a better battery option for your needs.

Overall, SimpliPhi batteries are great for small to mid-range needs that don’t require intense demand during peak usage. They’re a bit more flexible than Discover as well but not equipped for high-output situations. However, if you need a solar battery to run lights in your small home or charge your phone at your hunting cabin, this is an affordable and reliable option.


Which Is Best?

Most homes that need a battery bank to power their entire home when solar energy isn’t available than Discover batteries are probably the better option. However, if you need a smaller battery for simpler applications, a SimpliPhi battery will do the trick while saving you a bit of money. Both of these batteries come from companies offering reliable energy products for years, and we can recommend both products with absolute confidence in their dependability. Whichever type of battery you’re looking for, contact The PowerStore, Inc., to find the right brand, the right size, and the right number of batteries for your solar battery bank.