Solar inverters are a vital part of your home’s solar power system. Without an inverter, the energy generated by your solar panels wouldn’t even be usable. These complex pieces of equipment are responsible for changing the DC energy your panels produce into the AC energy that your home needs to run appliances and keep the lights on. While you don’t have to understand everything about how your solar inverter works, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these four key components.


Power Switch

You’ll have a hard time controlling any part of your solar inverter if you don’t know where the power switch is. It’s typically located in the upper left-hand side of the inverter for SMA inverters but can vary if you have a different brand. The switch is in the form of a dial, which should be in the vertical position and displaying a 1 when it’s turned on. Turning the dial horizontal so that it displays a 0 means the inverter is off.

If you have the system professional installed (and you really should), the contractor will get everything all set up and started for you. If you’re doing it yourself, please be aware that simply turning the switch will not begin your inverter. If you’re unsure how to start it, contact us.


Inverter Lights

On an SMA inverter, you’ll see three pill-shaped lights on the faceplate of your inverter, and each has its meaning. The one on the left is your production signal. It pulses green if your system is producing typically. (Note that, because your system shuts off at night, this light will turn off at night too.)

The middle light is known as the “event” signal. It will turn on for 1 of 2 reasons. The first is when the grid power goes out; this is nothing to be concerned about, so long as it turns back off when the grid comes back online. The second reason is if there is an error in the system, in which case you should call us.


The right light indicates an internet connection. It should be blue, with occasional flashing.

SMA Sunny Tripower Core Solar Inverter

Inverter Display

The display is an easy way for you to access important information about your inverter. Please turn on the screen by simply knocking on it. Continuing to knock on it will scroll through various screens that display vital info:

  • Power output
  • Inverter serial number
  • String output
  • Web connection information

Please get familiar with each of these screens and learn how to read them.


Rapid Shutdown

Finally, make sure you know how to locate and use the rapid shutdown on your solar inverter. It should be located next to your inverter or beside your main service panel. It contains an isolated switch with a key, as well as a big, red button. As the name implies, this is used to shut down your solar system in an emergency rapidly.


To learn more about SMA inverters and get professional assistance with troubleshooting yours, contact The PowerStore, Inc. today.