Solar power is becoming more and more popular as people recognize its many benefits. There are many impressive products available on the market today that aid in solar energy, and one of those is the SMA Sunny Boy Inverter. Generally speaking, SMA grid tie inverters are some of the best in the industry, with a fantastic reputation that’s difficult to beat. You just can’t deny the importance of SMA single phase and three phase solar inverters, as they make it possible to provide power through a more renewable and environmentally-friendly source. If you’re curious about these SMA grid tied inverters and want to learn more, here are some of the best features of the new Sunny Boy inverters, and what it means for consumers of solar power products like you.

New Product With Optimal Power

When you’re taking a closer look at SMA residential solar inverters, you’ll be pleased to know the Sunny Boy 3 to 7.7kW Solar Inverters (3 MPPTT - 208/240VAC with SPS Function) are one of the newest residential grid-tie inverters available today. It was carefully designed specifically for the US market with handy built-in AFCI and DC disconnects with the operational capacity at 208VAC single phase or 240VAC split phase. With these inverters, you can enjoy earlier startup, later shutdown, and supreme flexibility in design, thanks to a wide DC range on the 3 MPPT inputs. These solar solutions from the Sunny Boy’s are also equipped with the excellent SMA OptiTrac Global Peak feature that minimizes shading issues on even the most challenging of installation jobs. The accompanying “smart-grid” features are in such high demand today, as these inverters will be ready for the future even if utility requirements change.

Worthwhile Investment

The Sunny Boy Solar Inverter may come with a price tag north of $1,000, but it’s such a great value because it can be used for years and years to come. Of course, there’s the amazing 2000W secure power supply feature ensures that you can still get up to 2000Watts @120VAC from your Inverter when the grid goes down and the sun is shining. Having such a versatile inverter is ideal for a variety of situations, and you’ll be able to change your inverter setup based on your present needs. Next on Sunny Boy’s long list of fabulous features is the multiple independent MPPTs, and the enhanced shade mitigation technology that enables optimal operation no matter what the weather. Sunny Boy also comes with a diverse range of application options and direct access via smartphone. You can also use SMA’s Installation Assistant, which speeds up the journey to commissioning by reducing time, labor, and energy in the field. It’s hard to beat such a superb array of special features like the Sunny Boy.