Victron Energy is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of solar products. They’ve been around since 1975 and have become a top competitor in the field, with products that rival top-name brands like SMA and Outback Power. But how do they stack up against these competitors? Are they a brand that you can rely on for larger solar projects, or are their products more limited in scope? Keep reading to get an in-depth review of the Victron Energy solar equipment lineup.


What Kinds of Solar Products Do They Make?

Victron Energy has one of the largest varieties of solar products when compared to other manufacturers. Their primary products include all of the following types of solar equipment:


  • Inverter/chargers
  • Grid-tied inverters
  • Lead-acid solar batteries
  • Lithium-ion solar batteries
  • Battery inverters
  • Battery chargers
  • Battery monitors
  • Battery balancers and accessories
  • System monitors/remote control
  • Solar charge controllers


With a seemingly endless list of possible combinations of add-ons and accessories for these products, consumers can build systems ranging from simple battery monitors to full-sized off-grid power systems.

How Do They Measure Up to Competitors?

When it comes to solar manufacturers, it’s difficult to make a straight side-by-side comparison. While some excel in small- to medium-sized applications, others might outperform them in larger applications. The same can be said for on-grid and off-grid systems; where one brand might perform exceptionally in one type of system, it can fall behind the competition in the other.


In off-grid applications, Victron Energy performs quite well. Their solar equipment is comparable in both performance and quality to the other top brands on the market. Though it’s been tough for the company to break into the market for small- to medium-sized off-grid applications, they’ve gained a lot of ground in the European and African markets and are beginning to build a strong presence in the US.


Victron Energy has struggled with their overall functionality in the on-grid market, but have begun to improve in this area since partnering with Fronius, who are known to manufacture some of the best grid-tied solar inverters out there. However, this area is incredibly competitive, so getting a foot in the door has been tough.


Where this brand truly excels is in the smaller-scale, mobile systems, such as those for RVs and boats. Where other manufacturers in this area create low-quality products, Victron stands head and shoulders above the rest with their exceptional quality, value, and performance.


Are They a Good Choice for You?

There are many great brands out there, creating high-quality, high-performance solar products. The right brand for you will depend on a number of factors, including your personal priorities, system size, and budget. For larger and more complex systems, Victron Energy is certainly a top contender, but isn’t necessarily better than other big names like SMA and Outback Power. For smaller-scale systems, especially small off-grid applications, few products outperform Victron’s lineup, and (thanks to their partnership with Fronius), they now create an exceptional grid-tie inverter as well.


If you’re uncertain what brand is right for your solar application, contact a solar professional at The PowerStore, Inc. today.