Sol-Ark is a leading manufacturer of solar power inverters. Two of those inverters are the Sol-Ark 8k and 12k. If you were to look at these inverters side by side, you'd immediately recognize how similar they are. That's because the 12k was developed in response to requests for "an 8k, but with more power," Sol-Ark delivered exactly that. Keep reading to learn more about these two inverters, what they have in common, and what things changed with the development of the 12k.


What Stayed the Same?

As we mentioned, the 12k was developed as an upgrade to the 8k, but some things remained the same. Here are the features that transferred over from the older model of this inverter:


  • Both inverters are all-in-one, pre-wired, hybrid inverters. It provides users with exceptional ease of installation and use.
  • Peak power for both inverters remains at 20 kW.
  • Efficiency is very similar in both models. Battery to AC efficiency is 95% for both the 8k and the 12k. On-grid PV to AC efficiency is 96.5% in the 8k and 96% in the 12k.
  • Both are designed for indoor use.
  • The enclosures for these inverters are identical in size and have the same wire knockouts on the bottom.
  • They both support many different types of 48V batteries for backup storage, including both lead and lithium-ion chemistries.

sol ark pcc battery 12k

What Was Changed?

Of course, the 12k included a few changes to meet users' demands for a more powerful inverter. Here are the key features that were altered on the 12k, as compared to the 8k:


  • Parallel stacking is an option with the 12k when it wasn't on the 8k inverter.
  • Maximum PV input increased by 11 kW to 16.5 kW.
  • As you might expect, the 12k offers higher power output—12 kW (as the name implies) of continuous solar PV power, when the 8k only supplied, well, 8 kW. The newer model can also supply 9.6 kW of continuous inverter AC power and 8 kW of continuous inverter DC power, while the 8k only offered 8 kW in both these areas.
  • You can attach a larger PV array to the 12k, with up to 6 panels, while the 8k could only support up to 4.
  • The newer inverter model supports 3-phase power, while the older model only supports single-phase power.
  • Though the exteriors look very similar, the 12k has added front-access points for AC and battery breakers for a more user-friendly design.
  • Naturally, a power upgrade comes with a higher price tag, but it's not too much of a leap in cost. The 12k will cost you about $6,900 compared to the 8k's $6,100 price tag.


What's Right for You?

If you're torn between the 8k and 12k inverter models, picking the right one really comes down to your power needs. If you need a larger array or a higher power output, the 12k is probably the right option. To get help choosing the right Sol-Ark hybrid inverter for your needs, contact The PowerStore, Inc. today.