Solar power is highly sought after in today’s world where more and more people care about the environment and making eco-friendly choices. That’s why products such as Fronius solar inverters are in such high demand, as they allow for proper conversion of the photovoltaic solar panel output into a utility frequency alternating current that can be used by local, off-grid electrical networks or commercial electrical grids. If you’re interested in investing in Fronius products, you should keep these specifications of solar inverters in mind.

SKU and Weight

As wholesale solar inverters companies will tell you, you should always be aware of the SKU and weight of your chosen solar inverter. For example, the Primo 15kW Solar Inverter - Single Phase - 2 MPPT - 208/240VAC has a SKU of 4,210,078,800 and weight of 82.5000. When you know the weight of your solar inverter, you can properly plan for placement, installation, and overall use. Fronius solar inverters are known for their optimal weight that allow for ideal operations regardless of the environment.


Next on your checklist should be the communication specifications of your solar inverter. This particular 15000 watt residential and light commercial transformerless solar inverter comes with an integrated communication system that rivals all other competitors. Comprehensive communication will allow for flawless use of this solar inverter over an extended period of time, so make sure you look for the integrated communication specification.


Size matters, and you should know the precise dimensions of your solar inverter before it arrives on your property. This specific model from Fronius solar inverters is 20.1 inches by 28.5 inches by 8.9 inches and has been designed for indoor or outdoor installation in all environments. Ensure that you have a suitable installation location for your solar inverter preferable as close to the main AC breaker panel as possible.

Inverter Type and Power

You should also be interested in what type of inverter you’re looking at. The Fronius solar inverter is a string inverter with a power capacity of 15000 watts. Once you know what kind of inverter you’re going with, you can take a closer look at special features such as free monitoring, built-in integrated wireless data logger, SunSpec Modbus interface for faultless monitoring. This inverter has an extra wide DC input ranging from 150VDC - 1000VDC. While the maximum is 600VDC for residential installations, this solar inverter with dual MPPT input has extremely wide MPPT operating windows of 320VDC to 480VDC for optimal ease of array and design. Plus, you can find out if it’s compliant with NEC 2011 (AFCI) and 2014 (Rapid Shutdown), and whether or not its equipped with advanced grid features and special mounting systems.


Of course, your decision on which solar inverter to buy does come down to the manufacturer and what their products can offer you. It’s always in your best interest to go with a trusted manufacturer that has a fantastic reputation, as you’ll be able to trust that your solar inverter will work well for you over many years. Some manufacturers offer more unique features than others, such as Fronius with their high system voltage, wide input voltage range, unrestricted indoor and outdoor use and dual powerpoint trackers. You can also enjoy Wi-Fi and SunSpec Modbus interface for proper datalogging and monitoring. Fronius is known for its online and mobile manufacturer’s platform, as well as the Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI) and integrated fuse holders. These solar inverters not only work well in today’s world, but are also designed to meet future standards through technological innovation and complete, integrated solutions. By checking off all of these specifications, you can rest assured that this particular solar inverter is a top-quality investment.

If you’re interested in learning more about the specifications associated with Fronius solar inverters, please get in touch with the PowerStore, Inc., to talk about your solar power needs with experienced experts!