The market for solar power storage has significantly expanded in the last several years. This is good news for consumers, as it increases competition and drives down the cost of building a solar battery bank. However, it does mean that you have a lot more products to sift through when choosing your equipment. In this article, we’ll introduce you to Fortress Power and their lineup of solar storage products, as well as give you an idea of the possible benefits you can reap from using a Fortress battery bank.


Who is Fortress Power?

Fortress Power is a relative newcomer to the solar power industry and was established in 2017. Despite their youth, as compared to solar companies that have been around for decades, this solar pioneer is already making an impact on the industry—more specifically, in the field of solar energy storage. Fortress Power specializes in lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, which provide unique chemistry to improve efficiency and lifespan. With a competitive warranty to boot, the new kid on the block may start to edge out the solar veterans pretty soon.

fortress power eflex

What are Their Products?

As we’ve already mentioned, Fortress Power’s focus is on producing solar energy storage solutions. As such, their products include solar batteries and storage systems of varying sizes and accompanying accessories. The primary products in their lineup are:

  1. eFlex Battery – This battery is Fortress Power’s bread and butter. While we’ll get more into the benefits of this battery in a moment, for now, suffice it to say that this lithium-iron-phosphate battery may be one of the most efficient and durable solar batteries on the market.
  2. eVault Max – For those who want a larger, prebuilt solar storage solution, the eVault delivers big-time storage capacity in a compact vault roughly the size of a mini-fridge.
  3. FlexRack – The FlexRack is a racking system designed for use with eFlex batteries. It can hold up to 4 batteries, allowing you to build your own battery bank by hand.

These three products make up the core of what Fortress Power offers and are among the best-selling products in their lineup.


What are the Advantages?

Now, let’s get into the advantages of using Fortress Power for your solar energy storage. Specifically, we’ll discuss the benefits of Fortress Power’s eFlex battery compared to other types of solar batteries. You might think that all solar batteries are created equal, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here are just a few ways in which the eFlex battery stands out:

  • More lifecycles – A longer lifespan for your battery means fewer replacement expenses for you. A battery’s lifecycle refers to the number of times it can fully charge and discharge its stored energy. While traditional lead batteries only have a lifespan of about 500 cycles, the eFlex can operate for up to 6,000 cycles or an estimated ten years of service.
  • Convenient sizing – The eFlex battery offers a lot of power in a small, lightweight package. It’s roughly 1/3 of the size of conventional lead-acid batteries, and of course, they can be conveniently racked in the FlexRack for easier storage. This makes it simple to build a sizable battery bank without taking up your entire garage.
  • Zero maintenance – Maintenance requirements can vary depending on the type of battery that you purchase. For example, flooded lead-acid batteries require you to refill fluid levels on a regular basis. Fortress Power’s batteries, along with some other battery types, don’t require any maintenance. So, you can install your solar battery bank and never have to worry about it again.
  • Depth of discharge – Did you know that you can’t discharge all of the energy stored in a battery? Discharging a battery below its acceptable depth of discharge (DoD) can damage it and shorten its lifespan. So, the higher the DoD rating on a battery, the more usable energy you’ll have. While lead-acid batteries usually have a DoD of only about 60%, eFlex batteries offer a DoD of 80%, giving you 20% more power in a battery of the same size.
  • No safety hazards – You might not think solar batteries are hazardous, but certain chemical compositions in batteries can actually pose a hazard. In fact, lead-acid batteries (a common solar battery choice) can release dangerous gases as they charge and discharge. Fortress Power’s batteries are scientifically proven to be safer, with no risk of dangerous gas production.


Fortress Power may be new, but they’re making waves in solar power storage. If you’re considering adding a solar power system to your home with a battery bank, we encourage you to seriously consider this up-and-coming manufacturer and its impressive lineup of products. The Fortress Power FlexRack, eFlex batteries, and eVault Max could be the solution you need for your system. Contact The PowerStore, Inc., today to learn more about these products.