Using a solar power system of any kind offers numerous benefits to the user, but using a solar generator alongside your solar power system can further increase those benefits and allow you to get more out of your solar power system as a whole. When used with a hybrid system, a solar generator gives you more opportunities to step away from traditional power sources and become more energy independent. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using a solar generator with a hybrid solar power system, such as a Sol-Ark 12k hybrid inverter.


What is a Solar Generator System?

First, we want to make sure you have a clear understanding of how a solar generator would fit into a hybrid system. There are three general types of systems when it comes to solar power: off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid. Off-grid systems rely only on solar power and backup power sources. On-grid systems are still connected to the grid and will use solar power during the day but will switch to grid usage when solar power is unavailable. Hybrid systems are the best of both worlds, offering solar power, backup power, and grid power.


So how does a solar generator fit into this? A solar generator can be used in both off-grid and hybrid systems as a backup power source. However, for the purposes of this article, we’ll be discussing its role in a hybrid system. This type of system uses solar panels as the primary energy source and is connected to the grid for stability purposes. However, it relies on a generator as a backup power source rather than having a battery bank—or, in some cases, in addition to having a battery bank. Now that we have a better understanding of what this type of system looks like let’s discuss the benefits of having a generator with a hybrid system.

sol-ark batteries

Avoid Blackouts

One of the benefits of hybrid solar power systems is that they can stay online even when the grid goes down. Grid-tied systems have to be shut off during a power outage so that workers can try to repair lines without the danger of electrical shock from errant currents being sent into the grid by solar power systems. If you have a backup power source, your solar system can be disconnected from the grid and continue to run—either on solar power if the blackout occurs during the day or using your backup power source when there’s no sunshine.


A solar generator is one option for a backup power source that would allow you to do this. It can also help to provide excess power production during power outages to ensure you have sufficient power or to help charge batteries for use after the sun goes down.


Cheaper Backup Power

You might be thinking, “If I’m getting a hybrid system, I can just get a battery bank instead, and I don’t need a generator.” While it might be true that batteries are a common backup power source, they’re much more expensive than you might think. If you want something big enough to power your home, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars—on top of the cost of the solar power system itself. A quality solar generator of a decent size will likely cost you about $2,000. This can be a much more affordable option to get your hybrid system started. It’ll provide you with essential backup power during outages while you work towards saving for a battery bank.


Quieter and Cleaner than Other Generators

“But what about other types of generators?” you ask. Of course, generators fueled by other types of energy are also viable and could be useful if you’re worried about needing backup power when there’s no sunshine. However, gas-powered generators are noisy, require a lot more maintenance, and are just bad for the environment.


Solar-powered generators have no moving parts, so they require very little maintenance by comparison, and they make virtually no noise. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about going out and buying fuel for a solar generator. It uses clean, renewable energy that’s entirely free to you, making it better for the environment and your wallet.


Be Prepared for Anything

If emergency preparedness is your thing, then a generator is an absolute must-have. Even with solar panels and a battery bank, there is the chance that you will be without grid or solar power for extended periods of time. Take, for example, the major winter storms that struck Texas in early 2021. These storms knocked out municipal power for days at a time in some areas, and there was little sunshine due to weather. Similar situations can occur in hurricanes and other natural disasters.


If this happens to you, you’ll likely end up depleting your stored energy in your Sol-Ark batteries, and if municipal power hasn’t been restored, you’ll be without power. A generator (or even a couple of generators with different fuel sources) can be a great emergency power supply. Additionally, a solar generator is lightweight and portable, so if a natural disaster requires you to “bug out,” you can take your own little power pack with you.