Off-grid solar applications have unique needs, as they rely exclusively on their own energy production. Because of this, it’s vital that you select an inverter that can meet your energy needs and supply you with the necessary power to keep your lights on day and night. For most off-grid solar power systems, the Sol-Ark 12k hybrid inverter is an ideal solution. But why choose a hybrid inverter for an off-grid system? What makes this a perfect choice for off-grid solar users? Keep reading to find out.


All-in-One Smart System

Hybrid inverters like this one tend to have a great deal more smart features than ones built exclusively for off-grid use. That’s one of the reasons we love this inverter for any solar power system, including ones that have zero grid connectivity. Its smart features and all-in-one setup make it easier to install and use for any solar power system.


The Sol-Ark 12k is a prewired system that doesn’t need fuses, beakers, or combiners; this helps keep your installation process simple and the costs low. This inverter also includes all of the following features:

  • Two built-in charge controllers (500V each)
  • Battery disconnect
  • 48V battery input
  • Battery sensor
  • Battery communication
  • Raid shutdown signal
  • PV disconnect
  • Auto-generator start
  • Current sensors
  • WiFi connectivity
  • 50A AC breakers, with convenient front access points


Many other inverters would require thousands of dollars in additional equipment to supply this level of usability. The color touchscreen interface is easy to use and understand, and remote monitoring is also available. All in all, these features make the Sol-Ark very easy to interact with.

sol-ark 12k hybrid inverter

Power Supply

Power is always a serious consideration when choosing solar equipment, and the Sol-Ark 12k does not disappoint in this category either. It can take up to 16 kW of power from your panels and can output up to 12kW of continuous power to your home. This inverter also uses combined output, which means the power is simultaneously distributed to your home and your battery bank as needed.


If you have a very large off-grid application, don’t worry—the Sol-Ark 12k has gains capabilities, allowing you to stack up to 6 systems. It doesn’t sacrifice power for efficiency either; this inverter offers 96% efficiency while converting your DC power to AC.



Finally, this inverter offers top-of-the-line flexibility when it comes to building your system. As already mentioned, it’s expandable up to 6 systems gains, but in addition to that, it doesn’t discriminate based on battery type. Many solar companies build inverters that will only work with selected battery types; that’s not the case with the Sol-Ark 12k. This inverter works with the widest variety of 48V batteries, including ones of different chemistries—including lead and lithium-ion batteries.


And, of course, as a hybrid inverter, the Sol-Ark 12k can be used in every type of system out there. While this blog may focus on the benefits of this Sol-Ark inverter for off-grid applications, it can be used in grid-tied and hybrid systems as well. So, if you’re interested in the power, flexibility, and usability of the Sol-Ark 12k, contact The PowerStore, Inc. today to learn more about this incredible inverter.