Cotek is a widely recognized and trusted brand, and their products have many applications. From solar power to RVs and boats, Cotek battery chargers are used all over the world. If you’re in the market for a new converter or inverter charger, a Cotek inverter/charger is a good way to go. However, they offer several different options in their product lineup. Which is best for you? Keep reading to get a comparison of their top 4 chargers to help in making your decision.

SP Series

This series of inverter chargers was introduced to replace the very popular SK series and introduced new, advanced features and technology. It has a wide input voltage range, from 10.5V to 15.5 V, making it perfect for most user applications. Its sleek, low-profile design is lightweight and easy to tuck into even the smallest of RVs or boats. The built-in, advanced microprocessor is easy to use, even for the most technology-averse user.

SC Series

This eco-friendly model provides seamless transfer between inverter and battery charger applications and provides outstanding performance in any application. Additionally, it provides six convenient operating modes:

  • Pure inverter
  • Pure charger
  • Power-sharing
  • Power generation
  • Power support
  • Power saving

The SC Series can support high-capacity batteries and reduce overall charging time. It also has a built-in light power sensor, which allows it to go into power-saving mode when the load is too light.

cotek inverter 2000w

SL Series

The SL Series is an all-in-one inverter/charger that’s designed for prolonged usage. Specifically, this product was created to provide you with extended relaxation time in your boat or RV while continuing to use all of your electronics and features. This bi-directional pure sine wave inverter/charger is extremely popular, thanks to its intelligent software; the software allows for optimum power management, as well as the ability to share power and engage the generator function. While larger than previously listed models, it’s still a relatively small and sleek design that will fit in most boats and RVs.

CX Series

If you want efficient and rapid charging of your deep-cycle batteries, the CX Series is what you’re looking for. Available in both 12V and 24V models, it’s an efficient and reliable option that’s ideal for off-grid applications, including marine and RV usage. This model is one of the most advanced battery chargers on the market and includes a simple interface and smart communication technology, all in a small, sleek package that saves on space.

Additional features of the CX Series include a convenient sleep mode that continues to charge efficiently and silently, temperature compensation to extend battery life, and a failure alarm to alert you of any abnormal conditions in the system.

Which Is Best?

As with any solar equipment, the best option for you will depend on what your priorities are: efficiency of charging, long-term power supply, rapid recharging, saving on space, and so on. If you’re not sure which Cotek pure sine wave inverter is right for your system, contact The PowerStore, Inc. today. Our power experts are happy to assist you in choosing the best one for your needs.