The options available to you are more significant than ever regarding solar inverters. A decade ago, you would have had only a handful of manufacturers and models to choose from. Now, however, even top manufacturers have various models with varying features and capabilities to ensure that you can find the ideal inverter for your exact system and individual power needs. While this all sounds great, it does make narrowing down your options difficult. To help you out, here is a comparison of 2 popular inverters from a top solar equipment manufacturer, Victron Energy. This article will examine the similarities and differences between the Victron Quattro and MultiPlus to help you decide on which type of inverter to get for your system.


Comparing Energy Output

The Quattro and the MultiPlus have several models with varying output levels. It helps you select an inverter that can meet your power needs without exceeding your budget, as inverters with lower output will naturally cost less than their higher-output counterparts. Still, even though both models offer many output options, only the Quattro offers an output option higher than 5000VA. If you need a very high output from your solar inverter, then the MultiPlus is unlikely to meet your needs. Instead, you’ll need to opt for one of the higher-output models of the Victron Quattro.


AC Input Sources

The Quattro and the MultiPlus are designed to work within hybrid systems that utilize solar power and energy storage but also accept energy input from the city grid. So, when DC energy flows into the inverter, it will be converted to AC power and sent to your home or else stored in your solar batteries as DC power; similarly, DC power can be pulled from the batteries and converted to AC power as needed. However, if neither of these options is available, your inverter can draw on the grid’s AC power to supply your home with electricity directly.


So what’s the difference between the 2 in this regard? The biggest difference is that the Quattro can take 2 AC sources. It means you could connect an AC generator as another backup power source, helping to improve your overall energy independence. What’s more, the Quattro can intelligently switch between your different power sources to ensure that you’re using them in the most cost-effective way possible.

What They Have in Common

Now that we’ve discussed the key differences, let’s touch on a few things these two inverters have in common. Both inverters have easy-to-install features like PowerControl and Power Assist. Both serve the dual role of inverter and battery charger in a single, convenient box for your solar power system and offer many size options to fit a wide variety of residential system designs.


When it comes down to it, choosing between the 2 comes down to whether or not you need a higher energy output and if you need 2 AC inputs for your inverter. If so, you’ll need the Quattro. Otherwise, your system would perform well and provide excellent efficiency with either of these solar power inverters from Victron Energy.


Whether you choose the Quattro or MultiPlus, The PowerStore, Inc. has the inverter you need and the equipment for a Victron lithium battery bank to complete your hybrid solar power system.