While Victron Energy is certainly not a new name in the solar power industry, its recent addition to its impressive catalog of solar energy equipment is still a bit of a new kid on the solar block. It’s called the MultiPlus, and it’s capable of a lot more than you might imagine. If you’re looking for the latest in solar technology, keep reading to learn more about what the MultiPlus can do, so you can decide if it’s the right pick for your solar power system.


Incredible Functionality

The most basic function of a MultiPlus is that of an inverter—it changes the DC power from your solar panels into AC power that your home can use. But that’s just the beginning. It’s also a charger and true sine wave inverter, making it more efficient and versatile than your average inverter. It also includes adaptive charging, hybrid PowerAssist, and many additional system integration features that allow it to work seamlessly in your system. We’ll talk more about some of these features below.

Victron Energy MultiPlus Compact

Unique PowerAssist

Preventing overloads is essential in a solar power system, and the MultiPlus can do this for you automatically. It can prevent a limited AC power source overload, like a generator or shore power connection in an RV. It does this by automatically reducing battery charging to avoid an overload. If that’s not enough, it will even take power from the battery and boost the output of the power source instead.


Uninterrupted Power Supply

Many people turn to solar power so that they rely less on the grid, and they include a battery bank to keep their lights on when the grid goes down. But switching from grid power to battery storage can cause a brief loss of power. Not with the MultiPlus! This piece of equipment takes over the supply in under 20 milliseconds, which is fast enough that your computer and other electronics can continue operating without any disruption in their power supply.


Nearly Unlimited Power

Do you have serious power needs but have struggled to find an inverter to handle your power loads? The MultiPlus is here to save the day. Up to 6 MultiPlus units can operate in parallel to achieve a higher output, making it capable of supplying virtually unlimited power to your home or business. Specific models also enable three-phase or split-phase operation, making sure you get the suitable model for the configuration you need.


Easy Control and Monitoring

The MultiPlus can easily be monitored via the internet from anywhere in the world. You can check to ensure everything is functioning correctly and monitor efficiency right from your smartphone. But what’s more, you can also control the system from the connected app, including adjusting your MultiPlus and starting a backup generator remotely.


This Victron Energy inverter is a powerhouse that can make your home or business more self-sufficient than ever before. Its versatility, functionality, and incredible power capabilities make this new addition to the solar industry one to be reckoned with. If you’d like to learn more about the Victron MultiPlus, contact us at The PowerStore, Inc. today.