Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. It’s an efficient way to get power to your house without the use of traditional electricity. But, there’s more to this system than meets the eye. While solar panels are considered the heart of the mechanism, solar inverters are the brain.

  • - The job of a solar inverter is to take the direct current, or DC power, produced by the solar rays and transform it into usable AC, or alternating current, power.
  • - Without a solar inverter, it would be difficult to harness the DC energy and translate it into a usable resource.
  • - Traditional inverters draw power through your solar panels and allow you to receive as much energy as the weakest power your panels generate.
  • - Microinverters are placed on the back of each solar panels allowing them to each operate independently.
  • - DC optimizers also go on the back of panels. But instead of converting DC energy directly into AC power, each optimizer sends their energy to a central inverter. This central inverter then creates a system that is much more efficient.