The solar power industry has exploded in recent years, and where there used to be only a few equipment providers, there are now dozens. Amid all the different brands, finding the right manufacturer for your solar power needs can be tough. One name that you might see appear quite often in your search for solar equipment is OutBack Power. Keep reading to learn what you need to know about this specific equipment manufacturer and get an idea of what a typical system with an OutBack power inverter looks like.


What Is OutBack Power?

OutBack Power was founded in 2003 by three engineers who had already developed technology for renewable energy applications for years. Initially, OutBack produced integration hardware that was designed to protect power electronics installed in harsh environmental conditions. However, it wasn’t long before the company launched its line of inverter products—inverters specifically designed to thrive in those same remote environments and harsh conditions.


OutBack continues to be a leading manufacturer in the industry, specifically in designing efficient and reliable solar solutions for off-grid and battery-backup applications. They manufacture all supporting equipment that solar panel users need for a functioning solar power system, no matter how big or small that system may be.

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What Does an OutBack System Look Like?

As we mentioned above, OutBack specializes in off-grid and battery-backup applications. It means that if you’re looking to design a grid-tied solar system (without backup battery storage), OutBack might not be the right option for you. A typical OutBack solar system contains four main components, 3 of which are manufactured directly by OutBack:


  1. Renewable energy sources will most often be solar panels, but attaching an OutBack system to a different source, such as wind power. OutBack does not produce solar panels, but their equipment is compatible with almost every brand of the panel out there.
  2. Charge controller – As the name implies, the charge controller helps control the charge levels that are passed from the renewable energy source and into your system. It protects the equipment from overcharging.
  3. Energy storage – OutBack is a leader in energy storage production. Their solar batteries are hard to beat because they specialize in off-grid and battery-backup applications.
  4. Inverter – Though OutBack previously only produced off-grid inverters, the recent introduction of the Radian Series allows you to take advantage of their superior products while on the grid as well. These hybrid inverters still support battery backup, of course.


These four components form the basis for any OutBack solar power system. The size of your equipment and the number of units you need will vary depending on your exact energy needs.


Is OutBack Right for You?

If your system is off-grid or you know that you want to have a battery bank to support your solar power system, OutBack Power is a sound choice. Their equipment is designed to function in the harshest conditions, and the OutBack battery is one of the more efficient options. Check out our lineup of OutBack Solar products, or contact us today to learn more about this brand.