If you've upgraded your home with a solar system, then you fully appreciate all that solar power has to offer. You can save money by using the unlimited power of the sun while also giving clean energy back to your community. Generate enough of it, and you might not have to use any power from the grid at all.

Solar Inverters on Panels

An essential element in your solar system is the inverter. In order to get the most out of your system, you'll want to make sure your inverter is as solar as the rest of your system. Here are a few reasons to shop for a solar inverter at a solar store.

How Inverters Work

On its own, solar power isn't suited to powering your home. The panels on your roof generate direct current (DC) energy. Your home and appliances aren't made to run on DC current, so the energy has to be converted to AC to be useable. The inverter is designed to do just that.

Living Off-Grid

If your home is already outfitted with a solar system, then you probably want to live off the grid as much as possible. Doing so enables you to save money on city power while protecting your home in the event of a blackout caused by an extreme weather event. The only way you can achieve this level of independence is with solar batteries. You can choose from multiple options, such as lead-acid, lithium, nickel-cadmium, or nickel-iron. Solar batteries have to be carefully monitored so that they're not overcharged. Doing so will harm their capacity and shorten their lifespan.

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar inverters operate just like regular inverters but with one major exception. They utilize solar charge controllers. Solar charge controllers manage the power that's generated by the solar panels as it's transferred to the solar batteries. On sunny days, power can't be allowed to flow uninterrupted into the battery bank. Doing so will overcharge the batteries, shortening their lifespan. Furthermore, at night, the power that remains in the battery will spill back into the solar panels, draining them completely. Solar charge controllers regulate the power that enters and exits the battery, so it's neither overcharged nor entirely drained. Ensuring that you have healthy, long-lasting solar batteries is the best way to maximize your home's PV (photovoltaic) system performance with as little assistance from the grid as possible. This is accomplished with the utilization of solar charge controllers by solar inverters.

Universal Power Inverter

Improved Efficiency

Solar inverters are outfitted with technology ideally suited for homeowners that want increased performance out of their PV system. For instance, most solar inverters take advantage of phase interactive features. Systems such as these manage the power from your panels so you can take advantage of excess sunlight. You can either use the extra energy to power your home entirely after charging your batteries, or you can sell the power back to the grid, lowering your power bill even further.

Every step you take to improve your home's ability to collect, generate, and store solar power contributes to the fight against climate change while saving you and your family on energy costs. When you're ready to upgrade your home to high-quality brands such as SMA solar inverters, contact the experts at The PowerStore Inc. Give us a call today for questions or advice at (888) 595-0580.