If your home is outfitted for solar power, then you’re aware of all the advantages solar power brings. Solar gives you a reliable source of energy while saving you money and combating global warming in the process. One of the most important components of the solar system is the inverter, so choosing the right one will significantly impact your solar panels’ ability to work as efficiently as possible. Some of the most advanced kinds of inverters are Fronius grid-tie inverters. Here are a few of the ways you could benefit from one of these remarkable devices.

Hybrid Inverter

No Batteries Necessary

Systems that are off-grid need batteries to store energy. When you connect your solar system to the city’s municipal power supply with a Fronius grid-tie solar inverter, no batteries are required. This results in a solar system that’s easier and cheaper to install, and requires less maintenance. Furthermore, grid-tie systems allow panels to perform more efficiently, with the Fronius inverter utilizing multi-stage MPPT conversion for better output regardless of the level of light that’s available.


Save More Money

Most municipalities reward consumers for generating solar energy. Solar power panels generate more energy during peak daylight hours, so this power would be wasted were it not for the programs cities have in place to harvest it. Known as net metering, these policies let you sell back your excess power back to the city grid. By keeping your solar system tied to the grid, Fronius grid-tie inverters can save you even more money on your monthly power bill.


A Dependable Source of Backup Power

When you’re tied into the grid, you have the same access to all that power that you’d get with a standard electrical system. While solar power will provide you with all the energy you need when the sun is shining, it may not be enough on cloudy days or at night. At times like these, the power grid acts as your own backup battery, except better. That’s because when energy is stored in batteries, much of it is lost in the process. With the grid, however, very little energy is lost when power is transferred back to the city’s power supply resulting in less power wasted and more money saved.


Up-to-Date Analysis

Fronius web tie inverters come with their online portal known as Fronius Solar.web, allowing you a full overview of your home’s solar system. With easy to read data and metrics covering your energy generation and consumption, you can better understand how your system is operating. This makes it easier for you to monitor how you consume energy, potentially resulting in considerable savings. Accessible from your home computer or laptop — as well as all portable devices —  you’ll have access to all your data wherever you are and will be notified the instant there’s a problem with your system

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