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PowerStore proudly presents Schletter, a leading name in solar support solutions, renowned for its precision-engineered Racking and Mounting products. With a legacy built on innovation and excellence, Schletter stands at the forefront of shaping the solar industry's landscape.

Central to Schletter's offerings is their state-of-the-art Racking system—a testament to meticulous engineering and durability. Schletter Racking provides a robust foundation for solar panels, ensuring optimal energy capture while adapting seamlessly to various installation scenarios. Schletter's commitment to precision and reliability is reflected in every detail of their Racking solutions.

Complementing the Racking system, Schletter's Mounting products exemplify sophistication in solar technology. Crafted with precision and designed for ease of installation, these products simplify the mounting process while enhancing overall efficiency. Schletter's Mounting solutions are the go-to choice for those seeking a perfect blend of strength and adaptability in their solar projects.

PowerStore is your source for Schletter's cutting-edge Racking and Mounting solutions. Elevate your solar installations with the finest solar available. Schletter's commitment to innovation ensures every solar project reaches new heights of performance. Explore the future of solar support with Schletter, available at PowerStore.


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  1. Schletter Drill screw 6.0x25 incl. EPDM sealing washer for SingleFixPro (SKU Part Number 943000-360)
  2. Schletter Pro Plastic End Cap (SKU Part Number 129200-010)
  3. Schletter SingleFix Pro (SKU Part Number 113009-003)
  4. Schletter RapidPro End Clamp, Mill (SKU Part Number 131020-000)
  5. Schletter RapidPro Mid Clamp, Black (SKU Part Number 131020-901)
  6. Schletter RapidPro End Clamp, Black (SKU Part Number 131020-900)
  7. Schletter RapFix Pro (SKU Part Number 109008-024)
  8. Schletter Splice (Pro Internal Connector) (SKU Part Number 129200-000)
  9. Schletter Rapid2+ Pro SML (SKU Part Number 119026-102)
  10. Schletter Pro 35 - 4.8m (15.75') Rail (Bundle of 18) (SKU Part Number 120020-04800)
  11. Schletter Pro 50 - 4.8m (15.75') Rail (Bundle of 18) (SKU Part Number 120021-04800)
  12. Schletter RapidPro Mid Clamp, Mill (SKU Part Number 131020-001)
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