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Commercial Solar Systems for Installers

Installing a commercial solar power system requires different expertise than designing and installing a residential system. With more and more businesses turning to solar power, contractors and installers can’t afford to ignore this market area. With the right equipment and supplier, you can quickly find yourself poised to meet the demands of the commercial sector and provide the clean, renewable energy that these businesses are searching for.

Commercial-Grade Equipment from Top Manufacturers

Commercial systems require more than your average inverter and a few rooftop panels. At PowerStore, Inc., we carry commercial-grade equipment from the top names in solar while offering our partnered installers the lowest wholesale rates. We offer a full range of solar power equipment to help you build a commercial solar power system from the ground up, from solar panels to commercial solar inverters, battery banks, and more. As a Tier 1 distributor, we provide equipment from over 26 top manufacturers in the industry, including the following:

  • BYD
  • Crown
  • Enphase
  • Fortress Power
  • Fronius
  • Generac
  • Mission Solar
  • OutBack Power
  • Phono Solar
  • SimpliPhi
  • SMA
  • Sol-Ark
  • Trina
  • Solar Edge
  • Victron Energy
  • And more

As a PowerStore partner, you’ll have access to the powerful equipment that commercial clients need and demand, opening up an entirely new—and highly profitable—consumer demographic for your solar installation company. Whether you need a commercial-sized battery bank, solar power distributor, or any other piece of equipment to build your client’s ideal solar power system, PowerStore, Inc., can provide it at near-direct pricing.

Expert Guidance in System Design and Installation

Worried about having the know-how to install your first commercial solar power system? Don’t be! When you partner with PowerStore, Inc., you can access our entire team’s knowledge and expertise. We have one of the largest in-house tech teams in the country and will assign you a dedicated account manager to help guide you through every stage of your next solar project, including the following:


  • Initial system design
  • System feasibility testing
  • Solar layout plans
  • Mounting system installation
  • Solar panel installation
  • Connection of solar inverters and other equipment

Whether your commercial client is looking to design an off-grid, hybrid, or grid-tied system, we can provide you with the system design support you need. Then, we’ll offer you the lowest rates possible on that battery bank or grid-tie inverter so you can build that system with minimal overhead costs. No matter how big or small the installation, our team is at your disposal to ensure that you provide your clients with a high-quality, expertly designed solar power system that will last them for decades.

Creative Installations for Commercial Solar Needs

The sheer size of commercial solar power systems requires creativity when designing and installing the system. You must be able to adapt to different types of roofing and understand how to adjust your

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