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DIY Solar: Does It Make Sense for You?

Installing a solar power system is cheaper than ever and has become much simpler. The equipment needed is now widely available to the average consumer, and installing and hooking up that equipment is achievable for many individuals with little know-how and some basic guidance. But is it the right choice for you? Here’s what you need to know about installing a DIY solar power system and how The PowerStore, Inc., can help you.

Designing Your Own System

Arguably, designing your solar power system is just as complex as the installation itself. Not all solar systems are the same, and neither is the equipment. The first step in installing your solar is determining just how much power you need. It will require careful calculations of your daily power consumption based on the appliances you use and how long you typically use them throughout the day. Your electricity bills from the utility company can help with this, as they will show you how many watts you usually consume in a month. It will help you determine your daily energy consumption and the appropriate size of your solar power system.

However, size isn’t the only factor you need to consider. You also need to determine the type of solar system you want: grid-tied, hybrid, or off-grid. The majority of new solar projects are connected to a city grid, which means that you’ll want either a grid-tied system (which uses solar during the day but the grid at night) or a hybrid (which includes a battery bank for backup power and less reliance on the grid). Once you’ve made this decision, you’ll need to find the right solar inverters and, if installing a hybrid or off-grid system, the best solar battery bank for your system.

Not sure what you need in a system? Our team of solar experts can help! You can contact one of our solar techs and discuss your needs to receive guidance in selecting the appropriate system type and calculating your energy consumption to size your system correctly.

Buying the Right Equipment

After developing a general system design, you must find the right equipment. The PowerStore, Inc., is a Tier 1 distributor of top name-brand solar products, providing you with near-direct pricing from the biggest manufacturers in the industry. We can help you find the right solar equipment for your system—equipment that is the right size for your power needs, efficient, compatible with one another, and within your budget.

Our in-house tech team can advise you on the right equipment for your system type, size needs, and priorities in building a system. With equipment from over 26 of the top solar manufacturers in the industry, we can help you find the right equipment for your system at a price you can afford.

Installing Your System

Installing the equipment you’ve purchased is generally the most intimidating part of the process for DIY solar projects. Naturally, this is a piece of equipment you’ve never had to install before. There are legitimate safety concerns because it’s connected to your electrical system, and some require mounting on your roof. However, DIY solar can work and be done safely if you thoroughly research the process and invest in the proper equipment. 

*There is a risk of electrocution and/or fire from an incorrectly installed solar system. The PowerStore recommends having your solar system checked by a qualified electrician before switching it on. Many jurisdictions require, by law, that any solar system that will connect to the grid be certified by a qualified electrician.

The PowerStore, Inc. team can guide the installation process to ensure all the equipment is installed correctly. However, the manual labor will still fall to you, so ensure you’re ready and willing to put in the effort.

What’s the Best Installation Option for You?

Now that you better understand what a DIY solar power system entails, it’s time to truly ask yourself if the DIY installation option is right for you. Here are the key questions you should ask yourself when considering DIY solar:

  • Do you want to be involved in the installation process?
  • Do you have the time to commit to a DIY project?
  • Do you have experience, and are you confident in home improvement projects and electrical work?
  • Are you on a tight budget?

If you answered YES to all of these, then a DIY system may be what you need to save on installation costs and get a solar power system for the lowest price possible. Nowadays, it’s not too difficult to find a complete DIY solar system for sale with everything you need to build your system. However, if you answered no to any of the above questions (especially one of the first 3), it may be better to hire a contractor for the installation process.

If you need help finding a contractor, The PowerStore, Inc., can provide you with the contact information of one of our trusted, partnered installers in your area. You can purchase all your equipment at our low wholesale prices and work with a professional to ensure that your system is installed safely and correctly. Contact The PowerStore, Inc. today to get started on your solar project.

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