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Grid-Tie Systems

With the majority of new solar projects going up in residential neighborhoods, it probably isn’t all that surprising that most of these systems are still connected to the city grid. This type of system is called a grid-tie solar system for obvious reasons. This setup provides users with the ability to use sustainable solar energy during the day while still tapping into the reliability of the grid at night and during cloudy weather.

At PowerStore, Inc., we carry all the necessary equipment for building a solar power system that works alongside your city power connection, including grid-tie inverters and microinverters that can intelligently shift between your power sources to minimize your electrical costs. Keep reading to learn more about grid-tie systems, how they work, and the benefits.

How Does a Grid-Tie System Work?

Grid-tied systems allow your home to tap into two separate power sources: solar and traditional, grid-supplied electricity. The system relies on a 2-way meter that allows power to not only flow into your home from both power sources but out of your home as well. When your solar power system generates more energy than you need—a common occurrence on sunny days for many residential solar users—your system can send that excess power to the grid for a utility credit, further reducing your power costs.


What Are the Benefits?

Grid-tied solar power systems are usually installed as a means to reduce energy costs for users. Because you’re still relying on the grid every night and during any stretches of cloudy weather, you can’t achieve complete energy independence with a grid-tie system. However, you can enjoy some incredible benefits, including the following:

  • Live a little greener – If you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact, solar power is a great way to do it. Even if you use traditional energy sources at night, each day that you use solar power is a day that you’re using pollution-free energy that emits no greenhouse gases.
  • Lower your power bills – As mentioned above, relying on solar power during the day means that you’ll be paying less to the city or your utility company for electricity every month. These lower costs can help you to get an actual return on your investment in your solar equipment—unlike paying utility bills, which don’t offer any return on what you pay.
  • It’s more affordable than ever – The cost of solar has dropped dramatically over the years, making adding a solar power system to your home far more feasible than it was ten years ago. And while the cost of the equipment has come down, its efficiency has gone up, which means your cost-per-watt savings are even higher than they appear.
  • Give solar to your community – Remember those utility credits we mentioned earlier? That’s not just your utility company giving you a gold star for using solar; you receive that credit because when you feed solar power into the grid, you’re sending them usable power that can then be sent on to other homes in your neighborhood. When you install solar on your home, you can share a portion of your excess energy with your community, which further reduces the demand for fossil fuels.

Get the Solar Equipment You Need

If you’re looking to take advantage of low-cost, renewable solar power, PowerStore, Inc. has the equipment you need—and, more importantly, can offer you the guidance and support to make your solar project a success. We can provide expert guidance in designing and properly sizing your system if you wish to install your system yourself or direct you to a trusted solar contractor that we partner with in your area.

With PowerStore, Inc., you’ll receive the advice, equipment, and ongoing support you need to make the switch to renewable power successfully. Contact us today to learn more about adding grid-tied solar power to your home!

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