IronRidge XR-10 Anodized Rail | 17ft | Bundle of 18 | Black (SKU Part Number XR-10-204B)


IronRidge XR-10 Anodized Rail | 17ft | Black (SKU Part Number XR-10-204B)

Bundle of 18 XR-10-204B


The XR Rail Family offers the stength of a curved rail in three targeted sizes. Each size suppoert specific design loads while minimizing material costs. Depending on your location, there is an XR Rail to match. 

  • XR1000 is a heavyweight among solar mount rails. It's built to handle extreme climates and spans 12 feet ot more for commercial applications
  • XR100 is the ultimate residentual mounting rail. It supportd a range of wind and snow conditions while also maximizing spans.
  • XR10 is a sleek, low-profile mounting rail perfectly matched to regions without snow. It achieves 6 foot spans while also staying light and economical. 

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