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Solar Plan & Design Service

Let Us Help You Plan Your Next Solar Install

Solar Planning

Whether you are new to solar installations or a seasoned veteran, The PowerStore has a fully trained, NABCEP accredited team of professionals on hand who can assist you in the planning and design of your next solar install. Whether you need assistance sizing out strings on a new model of an inverter, putting together a complete solar system, or sizing out a battery bank for an off-grid install, we are here to help!

We offer free assistance to all our installation partners to ensure you are fully aware of all the latest and best product options, design options, and installation techniques to ensure a successful, high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

A NABCEP Accredited Team Ready To Help

What can we help with?

Grid Tied Solar

Grid-Tie Solar Installations

From small residential with shading issues all the way through large commercial roofs or ground-mount.

Battery Tied Solar

Off-Grid Solar Installations

By offering products from the leading inverter, charge controller, PV Panel, and battery manufacturers, The PowerStore is able to offer various sizes of off-grid or grid-supported kits from 1KW all the way up to 72KW. If one of our standard kits does not meet your exact requirements, we are able to upgrade/downgrade many of the components to meet your exact custom requirements.

Hybrid Tied Solar

Hybrid Solar Installations

Adding storage to a new or an existing Grid-Tie system for self-consumption and backup power? Our team is glad to assist in sizing out the inverter/charger size, the solar array, and the battery bank to ensure optimum battery life and cycles, whether using a Lead-Acid or Li-ion battery chemistry.


Get Assistance On Your Solar Project

Our system design team is up-to-date with all the current NEC codes and is also able to advise on the current solutions to meet your specific city/state codes.

Additionally, if there is a question or issue that we cannot answer in-house, our direct Tier 1 status with the manufacturers gives us priority assistance to get answers to your questions directly from the manufacturer in a timely manner.

Please note: although our team is fully trained and NABCEP accredited since local rules and compliance vary so greatly from region to region, we do not offer one-line diagrams suitable for submission to local authorities.


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