Pylontech Force H1 Stack

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Pylontech Force H1

Pylontech Force H1 Stack-2 Batteries, 7.10 kWh

Pylontech Force H1 Stack-3 Batteries, 10.65 kWh

Pylontech Force H1 Stack-4 Batteries, 14.21 kWh

Pylontech Force H1 Stack-5 Batteries, 17.76 kWh

Pylontech Force H1 Stack-6 Batteries, 21.31 kWh

Pylontech Force H1 Stack-7 Batteries, 24.86 kWh


The Force H1 is th high voltage battery storage system provided by Pylontech.
The newly designed system provides easy connector to save valuable time for installaters. The stacking system provides flexible configurations from 96V to 384V voltage and 7.1 kWh to 149.1 kWh capacity.

Flexible Module Design
Secured by self-developed cells, module and BMS
Reliable Performance
95% DOD
10+ years technical proven
Expandable from 7-149.1kWh
Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Installation
Quick connector to save installation time

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