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Residential Solar Systems

The demand for residential solar power continues to grow, and more homeowners than ever now use sustainable solar energy to power their lights, electronics, and home appliances—thanks to solar installers, who help bring solar power into neighborhoods around the country. At The PowerStore, Inc., we’re committed to assisting solar contractors in meeting the rising demand for solar power by providing low-cost solar equipment and the support and expertise to help your company thrive.


Residential Solar


Residential Solar Equipment from Top Manufacturers

You want to ensure that your customers only get the best solar equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry—and so do we. As a Tier 1 distributor, we carry a comprehensive stock of solar equipment, including home grid-tie, hybrid, and off-grid inverters, battery banks, power optimizers, microinverters, and solar panels. Our inventory includes products from more than 26 industry-leading names, ensuring you always have access to compatible equipment for the systems you design and install.

When you become a partnered installer, you’ll gain access to personalized discounts, near-direct pricing g, and store credit benefits to help you install top-notch solar power systems with minimal overhead expenses. Plus, with two highly stocked warehouses in the US, we can fulfill your orders and get the products to you quickly so that you can finish your solar projects even faster.




Meeting the Demand for Residential Solar Storage

It used to be that solar power storage was only for off-grid systems. However, home solar battery banks are now more affordable than ever due to the recent boom in solar storage products. Many homeowners are opting for hybrid systems that include solar storage solutions. At The PowerStore, Inc., we’ve been specializing in solar storage for years, allowing us to partner with leaders in solar storage manufacturing and putting us ahead of the curve in this solar trend.

We offer the latest solar storage solutions, with battery banks from top manufacturers like Crown, BYD, Tesla, Fortress Power, and more. Today’s solar battery banks are sleeker, more compact, and more efficient, and we can give you access to the latest designs and innovations at near-direct prices.

Get Expert Guidance in System Design

As a PowerStore, Inc. partner, you’ll gain access to our entire in-house team of solar technicians. It means you’ll have guidance and support through every stage of designing and installing your solar projects. We know that every home solar power system is different and brings its unique challenges. Whether you’re struggling with mounting your customer’s solar panels for the best light, or you’re uncertain of the most effective way to upgrade a customer’s existing system to improve efficiency, our in-house tech team is here to help you find the best solutions for your customers.

Modern Innovations for a Modern World

Solar power has come a long way over the decades and is now more intelligent and efficient than ever. At The PowerStore, Inc., we work to stay at the forefront and keep ahead of the latest trends and technologies. Our stock of equipment represents some of the latest innovations and the newest features available in solar power, including: 

  • Wi-Fi-enabled inverters that can be monitored from a smartphone
  • Smart inverters that intelligently shift between power sources to minimize power costs
  • Highly-efficient battery banks can be stacked and adapted to each client’s needs.

We’ve believed for a long time that solar is the future power source, and we know that the technologies we use to harness that power will continue to change and improve. That’s why we’ll continue to work to stay ahead of the curve and provide our partnered installers with the latest equipment and cutting-edge knowledge needed to lead the charge in bringing solar power to the world.

Gain a Partner for Your Company’s Future

The PowerStore, Inc., is more than an equipment supplier. We are a true partner for your business, helping you successfully and affordably build the systems your clients need as you grow your company. While we offer the latest inverters and solar panels for sale at wholesale rates, we also provide you with a team of experts you can rely on in every stage of your solar project. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a partner.

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