Simpliphi ESS 6 kW Inverter (SKU Part Number SPHI-IN-6)


Simpliphi ESS 6 kW Inverter (SKU Part Number SPHI-IN-6)

The advanced design of the SimpliPHI™ 6 kW Hybrid Inverter offers versatile applications that seamlessly integrate solar, generator and/or grid power in both AC and DC coupled configurations
— on-grid or off. This smart hybrid inverter with integrated MPPT can also be easily paired to work with the SimpliPHI 4.9 kWh battery to provide an efficient, easy-to-use energy storage system for any home or business that can allow for Time-of-Use applications, peak demand shaving, backup power and peace of mind. In addition, the SimpliPHI Hybrid Inverter can be paired with other SimpliPHI batteries and those on the Approved Battery List.

Scalable for any application
Scale up to 9 inverters for a total of 54 kW of power.

Off-grid and grid-connected systems
Simple installation for both AC coupled retrofit and new DC coupled systems

Versatile installation options
IP65 rating supports all weather conditions for both indoor or outdoor installations.

Warranty coverage
10-year limited warranty.

Seamless transition
Less than 8 milliseconds of switchover time protects sensitive electronics and minimizes downtime.

Simple digital interface
Easy programming and monitoring of primary system functions on the LCD inverter interface.

EnergyTrak™ enabled
Remote monitoring and quick 5-step system commissioning.

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