SonnenCore Smart Energy Storage System (SKU Part Number SCORE10-4-1)


SonnenCore Smart Energy Storage  System (SKU Part Number SCORE10-4-1)

Your clean energy future begins with sonnenCore.

Introducing our newest home battery solution that uses safe, long-lasting, and sustainable technology to keep your solar working and your family up and running even when the grid goes down. sonnenCore seamlessly manages how your home uses clean energy throughout the day.

Tech Specs - sonnenCore
The sonnenCore is an intelligent energy storage solution that combines smart energy management software with safe, long-lasting and
cobalt-free batteries to efficiently manage energy usage throughout the day, store excess solar power for use at night and provide reliable
emergency backup power to keep homes protected during grid outages.

Long-Lasting & Safe.

sonnenCore uses ultra-safe, durable battery technology that comes with an industry leading 10-year or 10,000 cycle product warranty and an expected lifetime energy throughput of 58 MWh (see Warranty for details).

Quiet, Sustainable Design.

The sonnenCore is a sleek home battery that’s as quiet as a whisper and built with batteries that are 100% recyclable (at an R2 facility), so it’s good for your home and the planet.

High-Quality, Attractive Price.

sonnenCore is an evolution in the high-quality energy management solutions that sonnen has been designing for 10+ years, now at an attractive price for cost-conscious homeowners.