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Leoch Battery

Leoch Solar: Pioneering Clean Energy Solutions

Leoch Solar, a division of the globally recognized Leoch International Technology Limited, has been at the forefront of the solar energy revolution. Renowned for its commitment to sustainable power and innovation, Leoch Solar has earned its place as a trusted name in the renewable energy industry.

Established in 1999, Leoch International Technology Limited began as a company specializing in lead-acid batteries. Recognizing the importance of green energy, Leoch Solar was founded to address the growing demand for solar power solutions. With years of expertise in energy storage, Leoch has consistently delivered cutting-edge technology in various sectors.

Leoch’s crowning achievement is its LEOCH Advanced Pure Lead + Carbon (APLC) batteries. The Leoch battery represents a significant advancement in energy storage technology. By combining pure lead and carbon materials, the APLC batteries offer enhanced performance, longer cycle life, and superior reliability. They are specifically designed to provide efficient energy storage for solar applications, making them ideal for both residential and commercial systems.

Leoch's dedication to reducing the carbon footprint and providing sustainable energy solutions has made them a driving force in the solar industry. With their innovative products like the APLC batteries, Leoch continues to shape the future of clean energy, one solar panel at a time. The Powerstore is pleased to offer the Leoch battery for sale.

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  1. Leoch PLC+C180FT 12V 180Ahr (C20) VRLA Pure Lead With Carbon, 3000 Cycles at 50% DoD (SKU Part Number PLC+C180FT)
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