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Schneider Electric


Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and automation, presents its Conext series at PowerStore, your go-to hub for cutting-edge solar solutions. With a legacy spanning over 180 years, Schneider Electric continues to redefine clean energy with a focus on precision and sustainability.

The Conext series, available at PowerStore, offers a range of solar products designed to elevate your energy experience. At the core of this collection are precision-engineered breakers, a critical component in solar systems. These breakers, meticulously crafted by Schneider Electric, ensure optimal control and safety, playing a vital role in the seamless functioning of solar installations.

Paired with top-tier panels and associated components, the Schneider Conext series is the epitome of Schneider Electric's commitment to advancing solar technology. PowerStore is your exclusive gateway to these exceptional products, providing you with the tools to create a more sustainable and efficient energy landscape.

Embark on your journey toward a cleaner future with Schneider Electric's Conext series, where precision meets sustainability, and innovation powers a brighter tomorrow. Shop PowerStore today for premium solar products from the world’s best manufacturers, including Schneider Electric.

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  1. Schneider Conext DC Breaker 60A/160VDC (SKU Part Number 865-DCBRK-60)
    Special Price $40.00 Regular Price $53.35
  2. Schneider Conext DC Breaker 80A/125VDC (SKU Part Number 865-DCBRK-80)
    Special Price $40.00 Regular Price $53.35
  3. Schneider CM/R-50 Remote Display (SKU Part Number RNWCMR50)
    Special Price $60.00 Regular Price $93.01
  4. Schneider Conext DC Breaker 100A 125VDC (1pcs) (SKU Part Number 865-DCBRK-100)
  5. Schneider Conext DC Breaker 125A 125VDC (1pcs) (SKU Part Number 865-DCBRK-125)
  6. Schneider Conext DC Breaker 250A/160VDC (SKU Part Number 865-DCBRK-250)
  7. Schneider Conext Battery Fuse Combiner Box 160
    Special Price $130.00 Regular Price $174.60
  8. Schneider Conext Auto Generator Start
  9. Schneider Conext 120/240 Breaker Kit. (3) sets
  10. Schneider CONEXT 3-phase breaker Kit
  11. Schneider Electric Conext Combox
    Special Price $325.00 Regular Price $460.41
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