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  1. SMA External WLAN Antenna (SKU Part Number EXTANT-US-40)
  2. Solis Data Logging Stick (SKU Part Number S3-WIFI-ST)
  3. SMA Gateway (SKU Part Number 150-00000-50)
  4. Fronius Symo Shade Cover 7035FS (Symo 10-24K) (SKU Part Number CA2,0201,5443)
  5. SMA RS485 Card for Legacy Sunny Boy Inverters (SKU Part Number 485USPB-NR)
  6. SMA Sensor Module (SKU Part Number MD.SEN-US-40)
  7. Enphase IQ8+ Microinverter (SKU Part Number IQ8PLUS-72-2-US)
  8. AP Systems DS3-S Dual Microinverter 640VA (SKU Part Number DS3-S-NA-640VA)
  9. SMA Speedwire Datalogging/Monitoring Card for -22 and Tripowers (SKU Part Number SWDM-US-10)
  10. Enphase IQ8M Microinverter (SKU Part Number IQ8M-72-2-US)
  11. Enphase IQ8A Microinverter (SKU Part Number IQ8A-72-2-US)
  12. SMA Revenue Grade Meter RS485 Bundle for use WITH Cellular LTE Modem (SKU Part Number RGM05KIT-US-10)
  13. Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box-Quattro (SKU Part Number 4,240,154)
  14. SMA Revenue Grade Meter RS485 Bundle for use w/o Cellular LTE Modem (SKU Part Number RGM05KIT-US-10-485)
  15. Goodwe Autotransformer (SKU Part Number GW9600A-TX)
  16. Solis Cellular Data Logger (SKU Part Number Solis-DLS-C-5)
  17. Solis Autotransformer for Energy Storage Inverter (SKU Part Number Solis-ATR-6K)
  18. Outback Power 6kVA Autotransformer with enclosure and cooling fan (SKU Part Number PSX-240)
  19. Enphase IQ Combiner 4 (SKU Part Number EN-X-IQ-AM1-240-4)
  20. Fronius Primo LITE 3.8kW Solar Inverter - Single Phase - 2 MPPT - 208/240VAC (SKU Part Number 4,210,064,801)
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