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Step into the realm of cutting-edge solar integration with SolaDeck, showcased at PowerStore. Soladeck brings unparalleled innovation to the table with its signature PV enclosures and Pass-Through Kits, redefining how we harness the power of the sun.

Soladeck's PV enclosures stand as guardians of your solar investments. Meticulously designed for durability and protection, these enclosures shield your photovoltaic components from the elements, ensuring peak performance and longevity. Crafted with precision, Soladeck's enclosures provide a robust and secure housing for your solar connections, offering peace of mind in every ray of sunlight.

Pairing seamlessly with Soladeck's enclosures is their Pass-Through Kit—an essential companion for streamlined solar installations. This kit simplifies the connection process, allowing for a smooth and efficient pass-through of conduit from the roof to the interior. Soladeck's Pass-Through Kits exemplify the brand's commitment to user-friendly solutions, making solar integration accessible to all.

PowerStore is your gateway to Soladeck's innovative PV enclosures and Pass-Through Kits. Elevate your solar experience with products that blend reliability, safety, and ease of installation. Dive into the future of solar technology with PowerStore and Soladeck, where every ray of sunlight is harnessed with precision and purpose.

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  1. Soladeck 0785BB (RE - Soladeck Negative Bus Bar)
  2. SolaDeck 0784BB Positive Bus bar for 4 fuseholders
  3. SolaDeck BRU 80A Power Distribution Block
  4. Three String DC Pass-Thru Kit
  5. Three Circuit AC Pass-Thru Kit
  6. Three String DC Fused Pass-Thru Kit
  7. Soladeck flashed PV roof-mount combiner/enclosure 600VDC 120 amp (SKU Part Number 0799-2G)
  8. Soladeck flashed PV roof-mount combiner/enclosure 600VDC 120 amp (SKU Part Number 0799-5G)
  9. SolaDeck flashed PV roof-mount combiner/enclosure 600 VDC, 120 amp with bulge in cover to accommodate breakers
  10. Two Circuit AC Combiner Kit
  11. Three String Combiner Kit For Transformerless Inverters
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