Ironridge HALO Ultra Grip Mill (SKU Part Number QM-HUG-01-M1)


Ironridge HALO Ultra Grip Mill (SKU Part Number QM-HUG-01-M1)

The Respect Your Roof Deserves
When integrating with a home, solar attachments must be dependable for the lifetime of the rooftop. Due to recent innovations, many asphalt shingles have bonded courses. A mount that protects without the need to pry shingles can really speed things up. Halo UltraGrip™ (HUG™) is here to respect the roof. Its Halo is a cast-aluminum barrier that encases the UltraGrip, our industrial-grade, foam-and-mastic seal. This allows HUG to accelerate the installation process and provide the utmost in waterproofing protection. Give your roof a HUG.


Multi-Tiered Waterproofing
HUG utilizes a multi-tiered stack of components to provide revolutionary waterproofing protection. The Halo castaluminum, raised-perimeter foundation surrounds the UltraGrip base—a foambacked mastic seal combination that prevents water intrusion by adhering and sealing with the shingle surface.


UltraGrip™ Seal Technology
HUG UltraGrip utilizes a state-of-theart seal design that uses a unique, foam-and-mastic combination. The foam-backed adhesive provides an entirely new flashing system that conforms and adheres to every nook and cranny of composition shingles, filling gaps and shingle step-downs (up to 1/8” in height).

Rafter & Deck Mounting Options
Mount HUG to the roof rafters, the roof deck, or both with our custom-engineered RD (rafter-or-deck) Structural Screw. The RD Structural Screw anchors HUG to the roof with an EPDM sealing washer, completing the stack of waterproofing barriers. See backside for more installation information.

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