SMA Gateway (SKU Part Number 150-00000-50)

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SMA Gateway (SKU Part Number 150-00000-50)

SMA, Tigo Energy 150-00000-50, TS4 Gateway

Model: 150-00000-50

To be used with TIGO optimizer integrated with SMA inverters

Tigo Energy Gateway

The Tigo Energy Gateway provides a reliable wireless communication between the MMU management unit and each optimizer. This solution provides clear, concise communication with the optimizers on the array. Each Gateway can communicate with up to 120 optimizers. Multiple gateway units can communicate with each other to accommodate larger PV arrays.


  • The Gateway enables wireless communication for up to 120 TS4-R components.
  • It can be installed easily on the rear of the module or the substructure and has a range of up to 15 meters. The connection to Cloud Connect Advanced is a wired RS485 connection.
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Inventory Status Should be in Stock - Contact Us
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