Solis S6 Hybrid Inverter 10kW Single Phase Three MPPT with Tigo Transmitter (SKU Part Number S6-EH1P10K-H-US-RSS)



Solis Hybrid Inverter 10kW S6 Single Phase Three MPPT. US Version with Tigo transmitter with 10 years warranty (SKU Part Number S6-EH1P10K-H-US-RSS)


Solis Residential High Voltage Hybrid Energy Storage Inverter

Highly Flexible

  • Able to supply a wide range of continuous backup power in the event of a grid outage
  • Generates 120/240V backup power without an external autotransformer
  • Compatible with multiple battery brands, providing up to 150kWh of storage capacity per inverter
  • Multiple energy storage working modes to satisfy various use cases and lifestyles
  • Allows up to ten (10) inverters to be stacked in parallel for maximum scalability and flexibility

Efficient Performance

  • Maximum PV input current up to 16A per string
  • Generates up to 50A/11.4kW of continuous backup power with up to 76A for ten seconds
  • Backup transfer (switch) time is <10ms
  • DC to DC battery charging for optimal use of PV-generated energy
  • Optional module-level optimization & monitoring

Intelligent Design

  • SunSpec modbus certified with the latest SunSpec models
  • Supports operation in parallel with a generator and allows teh generator to function as the grid source if utility power is lost
  • Optional integrated revenue-grade meter and external energy meter for production & consumption monitoring and export power control
  • Offers all of the smart inverter functions detailed in IEEE 1547-2018
  • Utilizes an energy management system that maximizes efficiency and offers multiple modes of operation for performance customization
  • SolisCloud allows for remote system troubleshooting, firmware upgrading, and configuration, reducing O&M costs
  • Bi-direcitonal capacity can allow the battery to charge from the grid

Safe and Reliable

  • UL 1741SA/SB and UL9540 certified
  • California Rule 21 and HECO rule 14H Compliant
  • Sophisticated alarm system ensures the system operates only under safe conditions and warns you immediately if there is an issue
  • Third-party tested and validated for product reliability
  • A stardard 10-year standard warranty is included
  • NEC 2020 compliant with various integrated RSD transmitter options are available for module-level rapid shutdown
  • External RSD & Emergency power off switch options are also available

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